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Gallery Terms & Policies

When we created House of Shadows, we did so out of a heart for visual art and our talented fellow artists who create beautiful works worth seeing and owning. The result has been a unique gallery where works range in theme, medium, and subject matter – uncensored and free to express what their creators intend. To ensure that there is always clarity among us, our artists, our vendors, and our guests, we have published the following terms and policies.

General Policies

Gallery Program

Our gallery program consists of several types of regularly scheduled events, our regular business hours, and special events. Our current program consists of:

  • Exhibition Openings (3rd Saturdays)
  • Midnight Mass (Cult Movie Screenings – 2nd & 4th Saturdays)
  • Stage Night (Open Mic & Dark Karaoke – 1st Fridays)
  • Artist Gatherings
  • After-Hours Invite-Only Events
  • Regular Business Hours from Tuesday to Saturday

We reserve the right to periodically postpone, cancel, or reschedule any of our events. If admission was charged for the specific event, a refund will be issued if the event is cancelled or if the registrant cannot attend on the rescheduled date.

Guest Entry

For most of our events, admission to is free. We offer various paid products, services, and accommodations that may be purchased by our guests. For specific events that require payment of an admission fee, we usually offer a discounted online advanced purchase option as well as an at-the-door payment option.

However, admission is always free to visit our exhibitions during normal business hours.

How to Exhibit

For artists who want to exhibit within our gallery, there are three ways to do so.

  1. Submission to Artist Call: Any artist may submit work to our regular artist calls. Submissions must match the theme and description of the call. Inclusion in the exhibitions is not guaranteed. Our curation process is designed to select the best work for the specific exhibition.
  2. Invitation to Exhibit: Artists may submit a proposal to be featuring in the Dark Room, our art installation gallery. Artists must submit a full proposal to, providing us with a compelling presentation of the work to be exhibited and an explanation of how the room will be transformed to match the theme of the work.
  3. Gallery Space Rental: Artists may rent our gallery space to showcase their art for up to two (2) consecutive days. Our regular gallery rental fees apply. Only the floor space may be used for these events, utilizing tables, table easels, and floor easels to showcase your work. No art is permitted on the walls unless that specific area of the gallery is rented for a month, coinciding with our normal exhibition schedule.

Art Exhibitions

Exhibition Cycle

We hold monthly exhibitions in our space, opening every third Saturday of the month. Artist calls are announced 1-2 months prior to each exhibition, providing artists with an opportunity to submit their art for consideration. Submission are curated into a final exhibition and announced to artists who submit.

Art Drop Off / Shipment

Art is received the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week prior to the exhibition openings. Late delivery will not be accepted unless authorization is granted in advance. Shipped work is received and must contain a label for return shipment. Work that is dropped off must be unpacked/unwrapped and placed in the gallery facing the wall.

Exhibition Openings

Exhibition openings are hosted on the night of the third Saturday of each month. During those openings, hundreds of guests come to enjoy the art, the presence of the artists, and the ambiance of the gallery. Artists are encouraged to invite guests and to network throughout the night. Exhibition openings open at 6pm ET and last for 3-4 hours, depending on the interaction of the guests.

The gallery will work to sell the art, introduce guests to artists and each other, host a fun, upbeat atmosphere that corresponds to the exhibition theme, and handle the logistics of sales, orders for prints, and general guest services.

Duration of Exhibitions

Month exhibitions run from the third Saturday through the second Saturday of the following month. Exhibited artwork is committed for that entire period, also understood as the contracted consignment period. Artists may not remove their artwork until the exhibition has ended for any reason. Buyers must wait until the end of the exhibition to pick up their purchased art. House of Shadows reserves the right to extend exhibitions for up to one month for any reason. 

Management & Sales

House of Shadows manages the exhibition for its entire duration. In addition to the exhibition openings, our gallery is open during business hours and event dates/times. Please be aware that, occasionally, the gallery does close for special events, dates, and special circumstances. However, those times are rare.

Art Pick Up

Artist must pick up their exhibited work the week prior to the following exhibition opening – Tuesday and Wednesday after the second Saturday. Work left after pickup week will be assessed a $10 per week storage fee, payable when the artist picks up their work. Once the storage fees reach the sale price of the artworks, the gallery reserves the right to assume ownership of the works. In that case, artists may purchase their work back from the gallery at the gallery’s sale price.

We send artists who include return shipping labels their work within two (2) weeks after the opening of the following exhibition. If work must be shipped quickly, artists may communicate that to our gallery director to make special arrangements.

Damage to Artwork

We do everything in our power to ensure that artwork is properly handled, displayed, hung, and protected. However, we damage to artwork is possible at various points of an exhibition cycle. This includes unpacking, hanging/mounting, displaying, removing, and repackaging. For damage that occurs during shipment, our gallery does not claim an responsibility. If work is physically delivered to our gallery and not unpacked by the artist, we do not claim any responsibility for damage that occurs unwrapping or unpackaging that art. However, if artwork is damaged by guests or staff during the course of an exhibition, our gallery commits to assisting in the cost of repair with up to $250. Exhibiting artists understand and agree that the gallery is not responsible for repair cost to damaged artwork above $250.

Artist Calls

Artist Call Announcement

For each exhibition, we announce and artist call through all our communication channels, including e-mail, social media, CloudFolios, and other artist call websites. Artists are encouraged to submit work relevant to the theme of each exhibition.

Art Submissions

Submission of artwork is conducted through our artist call link, hosted by CloudFolios.Com. The process of submitting your artwork consists of following the instructions on the submission page and paying any submission fee required for the artist call. Our submission fees are critical for funding the curation and management process of each call and cannot be waived. Submissions are accepted until midnight on the submission date.

Curation Process

All submissions to an exhibition are put through our curation process. Curation consists of reviewing each submission one at a time and determining its quality, merit, noteworthiness, and cohesion with the other works considered. It is during this time that works are selected or rejected for exhibition.

Art Selection & Artist Responsibilities

Once curation is completed, all artists who submitted to the artist call are notified of what works were accepted and rejected. The artists then have several weeks to prepare and deliver their works. Drop off and delivery dates are always Tuesday and Wednesday the week prior to the exhibition opening. Artists are responsible for the shipping and/or delivery of their selected works.


We always try to communicate with our artists as much as possible in the time leading up to the exhibition, during the exhibition, and immediately after the exhibition. Artists may contact us by email or phone with questions and inquiries. Communication via social media (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.) are not generally accepted as official exhibition communication.

Artist/Vendor Payouts

Payout Schedule & Method

All sales are calculated after the close of the exhibition. Artist payouts are calculated based on the gross sale price minus all gallery commissions and fees. If our gallery incurred expenses due to framing, repair, or alternative presentation requirements, those costs are also deducted from the artist payout amount. Artist payouts are sent by check via US mail within thirty (30) days from the close of the exhibition. Please allow 7-10 business days for checks to arrive.

Process for Providing Payout Information

To receive an artist payout, artist must create a profile on our website,, and update their Personal Information with their full payout name, address, and phone number. This information must be updated prior to the payout date, otherwise the artist must wait until the next payout date to have their check issued.


Our gallery commission for artwork sold during our exhibitions is thirty percent (30%). This commission also applies to additional prints or sales of any kind resulting from the exhibition up to sixty (60) days after the close of the public exhibition unless the work is featured in another exhibition within that time. By submitting your work to our artist calls, you are agreeing to these terms and to following ethical practices in self-reporting the sales. Failure to report auxiliary sales will result in communication and invoicing by the gallery and may result a ban from future exhibitions.

Refund Policy

Original Art

Sales of original artwork and prints from our gallery are final. We do offer secondary art sales services in the event clients want to resell the work they have purchased. However, refunds of any amount are not permitted.

Market Products

We offer a 14-day refund policy for products purchased from our market for defective merchandise only. No refunds are available for any other reason.

Events, Services, and Refreshments

No refunds are available for event admission, gallery services, refreshments, or entertainment services.

Privacy Policy

We Never Share Your Information

Our gallery viciously guards the information of our clients. We will never share your information with a third party for any reason.

We Only Communicate to Invite & Inform

We limit communication to periodic notifications, invitations, and announcements. We promise not to crowd your inbox with promotional materials. We use social media to advertise most of our products and events. So be sure to follow us to stay informed about what we are doing.

Methods of Communication

House of Shadows uses various methods of communication with our audience and supporters. This includes e-mail, social media, text messaging, and phone.

Removing & Unsubscribing

If you want to opt-out of any method, please follow the instructions provided at the time of communication.

Additional Policies and Guidelines

Please be aware that additional policies and guidelines may apply to individual events, exhibitions, and/or services we offer. When that is the case, we will always send those to you or post them publicly and those policies and guidelines always supersede our general policies.

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