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House of Shadows

The Gallery

Our gallery and event space consists of 1,500 square feet, divided into four different areas - the House, the Black Box, the Darkroom, and the House of Shadows Market. These areas serve different purposes and provide for various experiences.

The House

The largest space, the House consists of our entrance corridor and opens onto the main floor of our gallery, which contains an intimate wooden stage that can support a variety of live performances. The entire space is lit by gallery track lighting and provides the perfect space for small gatherings and intimate performance art.

The Black Box

Located in the center of our gallery, the Black Box is a room painted completely black. It functions as a space for art with dark, sensual themes as well as a small viewing room for videos and short films. The room contains of one long bench for comfortable seating which can be supplemented by additional seating.

The Darkroom

The smallest of our spaces, the Darkroom is the home of featured works created by members of the Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists. With its tall walls, it immerses the viewer in 360 degrees of beautiful photographic prints. The room supports only a few standing viewers at a time, making it a solitary, personal space for viewing.

House of Shadows Market

Our treasure trove of art products created by local artisans is one of the most unique collections in all of Tampa Bay. Visitors can purchase hand-made products, collectable items, one-of-a-kind works, House of Shadows merchandise, and art from any of the galleries. Artists can also designate our Market as a pickup destination for their work.

Gallery & Space Rental

We offer several types of rentals for events, art exhibits, and photoshoots. All three galleries are available separately or collectively based on your specific use. Below is a breakdown of our pricing. If you are a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization, contact us to learn about our nonprofit discounts. Also, please note that House of Shadows is not a vanity gallery - we do not accept offers from artists to pay to be in our gallery. Exhibition rentals are for entire exhibitions by validated exhibition organizers, nonprofit organizations, and validated artists who connect with our curators.

Special Events
All Galleries (Weekday/Weekend) 4 Hours $500 / $750
All Galleries (Weekday/Weekend) 8 Hours $1,200 / $1,500
Exhibit Gallery Rental
All Galleries 1 Month $6,000
The House 1 Month $3,500
The Black Box 1 Month $2,500
The Darkroom 1 Month $1,000
Photoshoot Space
Shooting Space (Non-member/Member) Per Hour $50 / $25
Backdrop Changes Per Scene $10

Contact us at (813) 773-4111 for more information and to book your next event or art exhibition. Booking must be secured ahead of time and is subject to the gallery's event and exhibition schedule.

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