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Facial Recognition

December 3 - January 7, 2023

December 3 - January 7, 2023

We live in an era of Facial Recognition Systems, a time where computers and machines scan our faces, our bone structure, and our retinas to determine our identities. Proponents of these systems claim they are for our collective safety and security, whereas detractors say this type of surveillance is yet another step in eroding personal privacy. 

But mankind has always had the ability to recognize faces. Long before cell phones and security cameras, we captured facial features using only our eyes. And instead of digital files stored on servers, these images live on in our memories.

Throughout history, artists have transferred these visual images onto paper, canvas, and stone, creating unforgettable pieces of art that have endured for centuries. And despite the latest in computer-generated graphics, nothing compares to a beautiful painting rendered by the hands of an artist.

In this collection, called Facial Recognition, I have created eleven hand-drawn portraits using only graphite pencils on Bristol paper. No technology. No algorithms. Some might even call it “old school.” And you know what? That would be fine by me. 

About the Artist: Marc Brechwald

Marc is a self-taught, emerging Tampa artist who specializes in both portraits and figurative art. Using primarily graphite pencils, his drawings celebrate diversity and explore sexuality, with subjects representative of various ages, races, and ethnicities. 

Marc's drawing style has been described as "photorealistic” and “dramatic," incorporating dynamic interplay between shadow and light. Among his influences are Jono Dry, Robert Longo, and Herb Ritts. 

Marc’s drawings have been featured in several online and printed publications, and his art is included in private collections around the world with clients in 14 countries across five continents. His inaugural solo exhibition was held in September 2022 at a gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. This is his first solo show in the United States.

Connect with Marc:

Instagram: @brechwald_art

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