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Angels, Demons, Mermaids, and Other Creatures

February 18 - March 11, 2023

February 18 - March 11, 2023

His Solo exhibition, Angels, Demons, Mermaids & Other Creatures will be on display at House of Shadows from February 18 - March 11, 2023. Featuring, intricate, multi-colored, original paintings.

"The artwork for the present exhibit reflect subconscious manifestations of the idea of death using angels, mythological creatures and human emotions. Never before I dwelt into dark places with my art but this show comes naturally as a reflection of the deeper, untapped experiences and ideas inside my own self that are, somehow, universal in nature at the same time. Some of these paintings arise from personal experiences that I had with other people while others come from knowledge of eastern philosophy acquired during my trips in Europe and India. All of them have deep meanings attached to, even if hidden in symbols,and all of them talk to everyone of us at some level conscious or not. I invite you to take a good look and submerge your stare into these paintings and see part of yourselves in them. There is something for everybody."

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Tuesday - Friday: Noon - 5pm
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