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November 19 - December 10, 2022

November 19 - December 10, 2022

Bodily adornments such as scarification, tattoos, and piercings have always been an apparent means of distinguishing individuals within a group and groups within a society. To many, Tattoos are personal symbols of beauty that modify the body to form an artistic, meaningful design. People choose to be tattooed for many reasons such, as, but not limited to: cosmetic, sentimental, spiritual, and medical purposes.

Like traditional art mediums, tattoos also have a collectible value. Whether a person is collecting them on their skin or alternatively, bodily adornments are very much works of fine art.

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Exhibit Hours

Tuesday - Friday: Noon - 5pm
Saturday: Noon to 4pm


Featured Artists

  • Anna Kiuber
  • LaRose
  • Casty
  • Horrible Darlings By Uge
  • Jenn Messier
  • Jose Gomez
  • Lady Hades
  • Godriguez


  • Nat Pagan
  • Nathan Heinze
  • Pepper Rae Finley
  • Artful By Nature
  • Shishuraj Karmalkar
  • Skye Dolan
  • Kitty Bomb Curios
  • Victor Alvarez

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